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Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Baby Bites Program

Build Healthy Habits for Life 

Healthy eating habits are most easily formed during a short 3-6 month window starting from baby's first solids. This 12-week guided program will show you how to strategically introduce first foods to train tastebuds to prevent picky eating, develop self-feeing skills and build positive, healthy eating habits to set your child up for lifelong health.

Fully Guided, Every Step of the Way 
Introducing Solids - tanaphong-toochinda

Your Baby Bites program includes:


  • Weekly meal plans with simple, healthy recipes

  • Video tutorials on child nutrition

  • Nutritionist support during program 

  • Access to community group discussion 

  • Supplementary resources 

Building Blocks for Health 

We’ll cover these important topics and more!     

  • Strategies for building healthy habits

  • Optimizing nutrition for child development 

  • Introducing allergens and preventing food allergies 

  • Food safety and sourcing 

  • Tips for meal prep and storage

Program Structure 
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Month 1: 

Introduce first foods & allergenic foods in a safe, structured way 

Month 2:

Exposure to a variety of flavours, herbs and spices   

Month 3:  

Focus on self feeding using finger foods & utensils

Sample Foods 
What People Say: 

“I’m so glad I started my 6 month old on the Baby Bites program when I was returning to work. The plan made everything so easy, with simple, fail-proof instructions and recipes (even for my helper). It really set a foundation of good eating habits for my son who is now a healthy, eager eater of a wide variety of nutritious foods!” Sheryl 

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