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My Story & Philosophy 



Mom & Nutritionist 

In my previous life, I was a busy corporate finance professional – working long, stressful hours and eating poorly. Plagued by low immunity and chronic gastric pain, my health issues became the catalyst I needed, prompting me to make urgent changes.

I started out slowly, making manageable, “bite-sized” changes towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. Gradually, these seemingly small steps transformed my life, restoring my physical and emotional health, and giving me a renewed quality of life.

"Change, One Bite at a Time" 

Motivated by my personal journey, I took a leap, returned to school to earn a nutrition degree and pursued a nutrition career full time. 

Since then, I have advised a variety of individual and group clients through counselling, workshops, talks and cooking classes. Most recently, I served as a nutritionist consultant for a global luxury hospitality group, advising them on designing healthy menus for children and adults across their 102 hotels.


I hold a Masters in Human Nutrition and am a certified health coach.


My Philosophy

Making Fruit Salad

Food noun \ füd \ the substance we eat to sustain life.

But food has the power to do so much more than just sustain us. Food is a foundational but transformative tool that enables us to live our fullest, most vibrant lives. 

At the most basic level, food is fuel, with the ability to influence our physical health, the way we feel and our quality of life. But beyond that, the act of preparing and sharing whole, nutritious food with loved ones brings people together, fosters community and builds bonds that feed our emotional wellbeing on a deeper level. 

"Eat Well to Live Well"

Food Foundations aims to provide educational and practical tools to make healthy eating fun, tasty and approachable. By teaching children and families how to unlock the transformative benefits of eating well, we aim to empower them to lead their fullest, happiest lives.

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