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Corporate Services

Sample Projects:
Wellness F&B Program for Global Luxury Hotel Group  
  • Created wellness F&B program for global luxury hotel group across 102 hotels

  • Program design, pilot testing, recipe development, staff and chef training 

  • Delivery of comprehensive toolkit - nutrition guidelines, operations manual, vetted database of adult and children's recipes, staff training & marketing materials  

Shangri La fruit bowl-7.jpg
Shangri La fresh rolls-3.jpg
Shangri La kids chicken rice.jpg
Shangri La smoothie.jpg
Shangri La salmon salad.jpg
Shangri La kids bento box-2.jpg
Consultant to Health / Functional Snack Food Company 
  • Advised on new product formulation / R&D, health claims and nutritional labelling 

Cereal - Pink mariana-ibanez-Ht6uD-8HWFU-unsplash.jpg
Crackers - bohdan-stocek-ogoLAJboB6o-unsplash_edited.jpg
Cereal - Brown and Beige Close Up jason-leung-4ceA_QsHP98-unsplash_edited.jpg
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