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Baby & Child

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

PAMELA (7 Month Old)

"My first child is a very difficult eater and I wanted to avoid the same bad eating habits with my second one. Thanks to the Baby Bites program, my son is an amazing eater of a wide variety of foods! The program was such a great help – from the systematic meal plans to the helpful nutrition tutorials. No more meal-time struggles or worrying whether he is getting the right nutrition!"  

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CANDICE (6 Month Old)

“I had a wonderful experience with the Baby Bites program. The meal plans were comprehensive and meticulously planned. The recipes were creative, covered a wide variety of cuisines, and were easy for my helper to follow. I also really benefitted from Natalie’s nutrition education sessions which covered topics ranging from how to balance nutrition, develop positive eating habits and source high quality ingredients.” 

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YOUNG (1.5 Year Old)

"I felt lost trying to feed my picky eater but Natalie’s tailored consultation, meal plan, innovative tips and recipes helped broaden my child’s palate, increase acceptance of flavors and textures and improve his nutrition. As a mom herself, she understood well the practicalities and challenges – if one thing didn’t work, she always had another suggestion up her sleeve. My child is now 3, but we still use her recipes because they are kid-friendly but tasty for the whole family!"


ANDREA (1.5 & 3 Year Olds)

"As a mom, I was struggling to prepare easy, delicious yet healthy meals for my family. I felt overwhelmed and confused about what to feed my kids, who have different nut, dairy and egg allergies. Natalie was a great help! Her meal plans and detailed recipes made meal prep so much more enjoyable and stress-free while the child nutrition tutorials equipped me with essential knowledge I needed. It was worth every penny and minute of my time!" 


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"I was struggling with weight loss and yo-yo dieting. Instead of a drastic diet, Natalie taught me how to make healthy eating a sustainable, realistic lifestyle change. Her practical, digestible steps set me on a healthier trajectory for the long run."  

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"I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2 out of 3 of my pregnancies. With Natalie's advice, I learnt how to manage my condition through simple but effective dietary changes. It really boosted my energy and gave me an overall sense of well-being. 

Herbs and Spices


"My hectic work schedule, autoimmune condition and food intolerance made eating healthily a huge challenge. Natalie showed me achievable ways of making better choices – from smart food swaps to fun meal ideas that were easy to prepare and tasty! The results were noticeable and I felt re-energized and healthier just within a few weeks. Natalie really changed my relationship with food for the better!" 

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