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A better way to Starting Solids
Fully-guided 12 week videos & meal plan: tried & tested, easy to follow and backed by latest nutritional science

Starting in May 2021. Register by 30 April to receive free Online Nutritionist Support 

NOW US$80 (usually US$200)



Carefully designed by our nutritionist to make starting solids easy and stress free. Practical nutritional information is presented progressively in bite-sized, easy-to-follow videos and visual guides. This prevents information overload and burnouts. 


We have done the work for you! 



access to nutritionist support by email

curated content to save parents research and planning time - answers the WHAT, WHEN & HOW to starting solids

short videos for watching/ listening on-the-go at your own pace

suggested feeding schedule

make mealtimes easy and fun for everyone!!


train tastebuds to prevent picky eating

introduce allergenic foods safely & early on

develop self-feeding skills

build positive eating habits for lifelong health

Asian focused with global food influences to train a broad palate

uses purees & finger foods adaptable for baby-led weaning or traditional approach



REGISTER by 30 April to receive free online nutritionist support with program# - now US$80 (usually US$200) 

#5 questions per Cycle (ie every 2 weeks)

Coming Soon!


Grocery Shopper Service

Weekly home delivery of fresh ingredients used in BABY BITES program for US$100 more.

*Note: Cost of grocery is additional to Shopper Service fee

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